Seniors' Living
At Spire Design & Construction, we know seniors' housing and we take great pride in creating living solutions that maximize independence while promoting occupant safety. 

Aside from simply conducting new builds or renovations of existing spaces, the Spire team is also well acquainted with the importance of facilities management and how to effectively implement tracking the lifecycle of equipment (such as HVAC units, sump pumps, plumbing, etc.), troubleshooting to prevent damage to high-impact areas (wall corners, door edges and hardware, handrails, etc.), and working with your team to facilitate repairs when service interruptions occur.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we have built solid relationships with experienced professionals in the region to further bolster our ability to serve clients. From interior design to architecture, paving to millwork, our team has the knowledge to select the most reliable community partners in order to ensure that each of our projects is completed in a seamless and timely manner. Success is, after all, an almost exclusively team game.
How We Can Support You
  1. Project Management
    Project Management
    Over the years, our team has built strong relationships with a wide variety of service providers. This means that we can pass along preferred rates for materials and labour that would otherwise be unavailable.
  2. Facility Maintenance
    Facility Maintenance
    Oftentimes, financial risk from a major repair/replacement can be mitigated through a regimented facility maintenance program. We can help forecast equipment/material lifespans, recommend regular maintenance practices, and provide your team with budget-planning data.
  3. Consulting
    Our team is also able to support you through the process of issuing an RFP/RFQ to the marketplace or provide you with a second opinion on an existing project with a third party in order to give you confidence that the job is being done right.