Our Projects
  1. Eavestrough Repair (Before)
    Eavestrough Repair (Before)
    One of our client Homes asked us to repair some minor roof damage.
  2. Eavestrough Repair (After)
    Eavestrough Repair (After)
    Since there was a storm system closing in, we scheduled a short-notice visit to ensure that this issue did not escalate into a serious safety hazard.
  3. We've Got You Covered!
    We've Got You Covered!
    Our team can supply and install many different types of wall protection & corner guards to keep your building looking like new.
  4. We've Got You Covered!
    We've Got You Covered!
    Another example of how proper wall protection can both reduce maintenance costs and enhance an older room's appearance.
  5. Dietary Menu System
    Dietary Menu System
    Our team managed the installation of the system's entire cabling infrastructure and ensured the touch-screen devices were properly mounted in their designated locations.
  6. Dietary Menu System
    Dietary Menu System
    We also had certain support structures custom-made to suit this Home's unique physical environment and ensured that they too were properly installed.
  7. Dietary A/C
    Dietary A/C
    Our team coordinated the completion of this project to ensure that this client's Dietary staff members could stay cool during the warmer months.
  8. Dietary A/C
    Dietary A/C
    Of course, given the nature of this busy work area, we made certain that the installation process occurred in a manner that did not disrupt the Home's ongoing operations.
  9. Resident Furnishings (Before)
    Resident Furnishings (Before)
    After many years of use, this client's furniture had seen better days.
  10. Resident Furnishings (After)
    Resident Furnishings (After)
    Due to our highly competitive pricing, the Home took advantage of the savings realized and invested in several dozen high-quality replacements.
  11. Servery Leak (Before)
    Servery Leak (Before)
    We even look after "smaller" jobs. We understand that while such repairs/replacements might seem minor to most contractors, they can have a big impact on a Home's operations.
  12. Servery Leak (After)
    Servery Leak (After)
    In this case, the leak was creating a safety hazard which needed prompt attention. We responded after-hours to avoid interfering with Dietary operations.
  13. Work Station Face-Lift
    Work Station Face-Lift
    One of this Home's old work stations needed to be revitalized, so we offered a cost-effective means of improving the area's aesthetics while also resolving an infection prevention & control risk.
  14. Work Station Face-Lift
    Work Station Face-Lift
    As always (when we anticipate that an operations disruption is likely), we organized this project to take place during lower-traffic hours to ensure safety and reduce the potential for complaints.
  15. Elevator Floornig
    Elevator Floornig
    One client Home wished to have the old & damaged flooring from one of their elevators replaced. We of course preformed this work after-hours to avoid unnecessary operational disruptions.
  16. Elevator Flooring
    Elevator Flooring
    Our team worked with the Home to pick a suitable colour & style, remove the existing material, apply the new material, and pass all relevant inspections.
  17. Room Renovations 1 (Before)
    Room Renovations 1 (Before)
    After being asked to update over a dozen resident rooms, we gladly accepted this challenge and greatly enhanced the Home's desirability to prospective clients.
  18. Room Renovations 1 (After)
    Room Renovations 1 (After)
    This ambitious project by the Home called for new flooring, painting, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, ceiling stucco, sprinkler work, and more!
  19. Room Renovations 2 (Before)
    Room Renovations 2 (Before)
    Lighting in the old rooms was poor and relied in large measure on available natural light.
  20. Room Renovations 2 (After)
    Room Renovations 2 (After)
    We were able to not only reduce the Home's heavy reliance on available natural light, but we also significantly reduced its projected per-room energy costs by using more efficient fixtures.
  21. Room Renovations 3 (Before)
    Room Renovations 3 (Before)
    These renovations were not reserved to the living space, but also applied to the washroom in each resident room.
  22. Room Renovations 3 (After)
    Room Renovations 3 (After)
    We worked to maximize the space that was available to create more accessible storage, enhanced counter surface area, and improved lighting among several other improvements.
  23. Corridor Flooring (Before)
    Corridor Flooring (Before)
    This Home's corridor sheet flooring had become a patchwork of repairs and gave off a rather institutional feeling.
  24. Corridor Flooring (After)
    Corridor Flooring (After)
    We replaced it with a more home-like vinyl plank product which really warmed up the look of this area.
  25. Welcome to Seniors' Living!
    Welcome to Seniors' Living!
    Seniors' Living environments (such as Retirement and Long-Term Care Homes) often look drab and dated - but, this doesn't have to be the case!
  26. Welcome to Seniors' Living!
    Welcome to Seniors' Living!
    Our team is updating nearly every aspect of this Home's resident rooms - from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.
  27. Welcome to Seniors' Living!
    Welcome to Seniors' Living!
    After all, applying our experience to make environments as functional, appealing, and home-like as possible is our specialty!
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